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She Was






Human Hourglass











Honeysuckle Serenity




Things I Dare Not Say




What Dreams May Come


She was anti-macassars on the chairs and couches, and feedsacks, and burlap bags, and miles of sewing thread, and everything she ever wanted to or could have been if she wasn't our great-grandmother, grandmother, mother...

12 X 24 canvas

acrylic, oil, mixed media




Some see the past, time, as being behind us. I envision time as a river - the hours, days...years ever-flowing, carrying upon it all the carelessly unattended and deeply treasured flotsam and jetsam of our lives, eventually slipping over the edge of a beautiful waterfall.

12 X 24 canvas

acrylic, oil, mixed media




I would not be the first person to suggest that human beings should come with the stamp "Time Sensitive Material". We are all human hourglasses hoping our bodies last as long as our Spirits.

10 X 19 1/2 wood

mache mask, bone, clock cogs, oil paint





How many times have we heard, "You were put in my path for a reason"? We are all conduits. It is our blessing. We are connected. At some point we learn that Life and whatsoever speaks to the experience of living are the only treasures.

8 X 8 canvas

acrylic, oil, mache mask, mixed media




The world has been burning as long as it has been turning. We are in a constant state of revolution. Some of the revolution is violent; some of the revolution is peaceful. In the larger picture there is darkness, scars, healing, light, and the foundation for dialogue.

18 X 18 canvas

acrylic, mixed media




A plethora of birds and bees - and me - revelled in the sweetly scented offerings of the beautiful honeysuckle

in the yard for years until age brought her down. She provided me with a naturally cool shaded alcove to sit and journal in peace. "Nature provides."

8 X 8 canvas, framed

acrylic, mixed media




Most of us have words we dare not speak, truths that remain untold, experiences unshared, thoughts we keep private. At the end of the day, though, our voices are all that we can truly call entirely our own. It is an awesome responsibility - and gift.

6 X 12 canvas

mache mask, mixed media, acrylic




An artist is a dreamer who can show you the places she has almost been, the 'other side of things', what happened in the shade of yesterday's shadows and, of course, what dreams may come.

18 X 18 canvas

acrylic, oil, mixed media