"Every one of us has more possibilities than limitations."



Monkey Hill Creative Arts is a dual-initiative online art gallery promoting awareness of invisible disabilities, and supporting artists/potential artists with invisible and/or developmental disabililities in the community.


Monkey Hill Creative Arts is able to function on the sales of the art donated by Stephanie Kirsten Hansen. Her art can be purchased here online. more>>


Monkey Hill Creative Arts is founded and owned by Dorian Hill. It is co-facilitated by Stephanie Kirsten Hansen who donates her art and time to the initiative. Together they raised the founder's daughter, the initiative's inspiration, "Monkey" Hill. b.November 14, 1991 - d.August 11, 2007.


As a devoted and sensitive father to a child with invisible disabilities including severe brain damage, autism, and epilepsy that claimed her life just shy of age 16, he witnessed the cruelty and wrong-headedness of a society that judges a persons worth by more>>


Many of you have seen the t-shirts and posters that say "Art Saves". What does that really mean?

For me it means being saved from a life of "can't" and introduced to a pleasurable world bounded by imagination.

At age 21 I began having uncontrolled grand mal and focal seizures. Looking over my history my family realized I had petit mal (absence seizures) lifelong, which explained the ceaseless migraines I had since earliest childhood.

While my friends and schoolmates were planning university, careers, marriage and children, I was trying to stay alive. Taking a bath, cooking on the stove, using a knife, walking on stairs or just standing on a chair to change a lightbulb were suddenly too dangerous. I was not supposed to go outside alone. I felt like a child again just when I had gained my independance.

I felt sorry for myself, a sad dog, betrayed by the thousand "should be's" - until I stepped into the world of art!

I had just read Robert Fulghum's "Everything I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" and thought I'd test the theory. My apartment had most of the stuffs we used in art class 'back when': paper, scissors, glue, various twines, yarns, threads, and my kitchen held the makings for papier mache paste and salt dough ornaments and maps. Could I remember the recipes? is utterly amazing what comes back to you!

The truth is that most things are easy to do, but often impossible to imagine ourselves doing. I made a large mixed media mache bowl that impressed the hell out of me. When it dried I went to the store to buy paints and brushes to complete it. I was hooked. Suddenly, I had abilities, not just limitations to focus on. I saw a future.

Twenty years later, I am eager to share the life I have created for myself with others. Could you be an "Accidental Artist"?

There is nothing trite about those t-shirts and posters that say "Art Saves".


"Art both soothes and strengthens the mind and spirit."


Conversations With Myself in the Sweet Night  



Night Coming Down Easy




Elemental Mosaic




Truth, Perception & Desire



Crimson Revelation


All images and words are copywright of Monkey Hill Creative Arts.

When you support the Monkey Hill Creative Arts initiative with your art purchases you help build a stronger, healthier, community by funding free workshops and art shows for persons with invisible and/or developmental disabilities.

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On those delicious end-of-summer nights I am kept good company by memories of childhood friends and - it seems - all that I am and ever was, the nature of me, my essence. It must be the timing. The air is crackling then with the energy of children reluctant for summer to end, yet bristling with excitement about going back to school. Conversations With Myself was created over the course of serveral sweet late summer nights.

20 X 30 canvas

acrylic, oil, mixed media





Night floats down like a heavy curtain separating us from the demands of the day. The time for Doing is over and the time for Being has come. It is a time to reflect on who we are to ourselves as we run our fingers over the texture and composition of our lives.

20 X 30 canvas

acrylic, oil, mixed media




Often we forget that we are animals too, part of the Natural world, creatures of instinct, habit, and pattern-making. Like all living things, there are times when life is easy, fluid - golden times. There are times of diligence, of hard work, saving, building, re-building. We are wont to compare those times and think of one as "brighter times" and the other "dark". In the natural order of things, they are the beautiful Elemental Mosaic of Life.

10 X 12 canvas, framed

acrylic, mixed media, (wasps nest)





At some point I realized I was three women: the truth of who I am, the perception of who I thought I was, and who I wished I was. I realized, too, that it might have something to do with why I was so tired all the time and have since sought to integrate the three. It is easiest to go with Truth.

approx. 26" X 16" not incl. stand

dress form, acrylic, oil, mixed media


(some extra shipping cost - email for invoice)


We are Spirit and Soul. We are our Deeds. Our bodies are vessels for the Soul. However, while we are here - particularly for those of us with disabilities - the body is also an ally, an enemy, and a source of enlightenment.

approx. 26" X 16" not incl. stand

dress form, acrylic, mixed media


(some extra shipping cost - email for invoice)

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